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I bet it will lead to triumph and fulfillment, as happened for me. LEO July Aug. Some people in your sphere may not be overjoyed, though. But freaks like me appreciate creative egotists like you when you treat your personality as a work of art. Keep up the good work! Continue to have too much fun!

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They were soulful mirages: full of misplaced idealism and sweet ignorance and innocent misunderstandings. Generous in ways you may not yet realize, they exuded an agitated beauty that aroused both courage and resourcefulness. Now, as those illusions dissolve, they will begin to serve you anew, turning into fertile compost for your next big production. New rules are still incubating. Right now, the details about how people express their needs to give and receive love seem to be riddles for which there are no correct answers.

Free Will Astrology—Week of September 6

So what do you do? How do you proceed with the necessary blend of confidence and receptivity? Can you figure out flexible strategies for being true both to your need for independence and your need for interdependence? Hooray for my brilliant future! This is the ideal recipe for success. I lied. Your potential for achieving natural highs will be extraordinary, as will your potential to generate crucial breakthroughs while enjoying those natural highs.

Take advantage! The task may indeed be too daunting for you to manage right now. But if you are indeed ready for a breathtaking challenge, here it is: Be a benevolent force of wild nature; be a tender dispenser of creative destruction; be a bold servant of your soulful dreams—as you demolish outmoded beliefs and structures that have been keeping a crucial part of your vitality shackled and latent.

And since you have done that, you are now becoming even smarter than you already were about getting the most out of your intimate alliances. Is that based on real risks and worth paying attention to? I have chosen an appropriate blessing to bestow upon you, written by the poet Claire Wahmanholm.

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Speak her words as if they were your own. Now I'm offering it to you as one of your important themes in Here's how you can best take it to heart.

Love & Sex:

First, be extremely discerning about what ideas, theories, and opinions you allow to flow into your imagination. Make sure they're based on objective facts and make sure they're good for you. Second, be aggressive about purging old ideas, theories, and opinions from your head, especially if they're outmoded, unfounded, or toxic. No if-onlys.

Horoscopes for Dec. | Free Will Astrology | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake City Weekly

Just the alertness of being. This one is by author A. Milne: "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. For that matter, few had ever been candidates for public office. There were exceptions. In , Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the first woman to seek a seat in Congress. In , Victoria Woodhull ran for president.

Susanna Salter became the first woman mayor in According to my analysis of the astrological omens, Sagittarius, will be a Stanton-Woodhull-Salter type of year for you. You're likely to be ahead of your time and primed to innovate. You'll have the courage and resourcefulness necessary to try seemingly unlikely and unprecedented feats, and you'll have a knack for ushering the future into the present.

Not only is it the most effective way of helping the people involved; in the long run, it's also the least expensive. Is there a comparable problem in your personal life? A chronic difficulty that you keep putting temporary bandages on but that never gets much better? I'm happy to inform you that will be a favorable time to dig down to find deeper, more fundamental solutions—to finally fix a troublesome issue rather than just addressing its symptoms.

Do you produce some good thing but never share it? Is there a part of you that you're proud of but keep secret? Is there an aspect of your ongoing adventures that's meaningful but mostly private? If so, will be the year you might want to change your mind about it. After extensive research in which they evaluated an array of factors, they decided that Queen's "We Are the Champions" is the song that more people love to sing than any other.

This triumphant tune happens to be your theme song in I suggest you learn the lyrics and melody, and sing it once every day. It should help you build on the natural confidence-building influences that will be streaming into your life. Homework: Write a parable or fairy tale that captures what your life has been like in Testify at freewillastrology.