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And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field;" KJV Genesis Since, the original Biblical Adam was created after the image of the Infinite One, and was later divided into male and female, both the masculine and feminine principles must be housed within the Biblical Creator. The further extension of this argument, based on the forgoing evidence, is that the Feminine aspect of God was employed or active in the Creation! The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. Proverbs KJV. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was…When he prepared the heavens I was there… Proverbs , 27a KJV.

What we have examined thus far serves to indicate that the possibility exists that what we have been taught about the Creation is, at least, not a full view, i. We must, therefore, consider, without fear, pre-Biblical writings and those contemporaneous to the Bible concerning the Beginning. Wisdom and common sense dictate that if we find similarities, or outright repetition, that would seem to show a basis for Biblical interpretation, these would indicate or prove that Hebrew beliefs did not grow out of a vacuum. We must initially establish that the very first conceptually organized religious system was formed in Kush Ethiopia or Eastern Africa , pre-dating Egypt and Mesopotamia, as confirmed by Stephanus of Byzantium,.

Ethiopia was the first established country on earth; and the Ethiopians were the first who introduced the worship of the gods, and who established laws. In every country that one visits and where one is drawn into a conversation about Africa, the question is regularly asked, by people who should know better: "But what has Africa contributed to world progress?

We must erase from our consciousness the white supremacist notion, which is espoused by a majority of the Churches, Temples and Mosques that our people knew nothing about God, or were too primitive to understand Him and the missionaries and the slavers they made way for, came to bring light to black Africa and 'save' the African.

Indeed, there have been many witnesses in various cultures, some unknown by marginalization, others by erasure. Wak was the creator god who lived in the clouds. He kept the vault of the heavens at a distance from the earth and covered it with stars. He was a benefactor and did not punish. When the earth was flat Wak asked man to make his own coffin, and when man did this Wak shut him up in it and pushed it into the ground.

For seven years he made fire rain down and the mountains were formed. Then Wak unearthed the coffin and man sprang forth, alive. Man tired of living alone, so Wak took some of his blood, and after four days, the blood became a woman whom the man married. They had 30 children, but the man was ashamed of having so many so he hid 15 of them.

The Paut Neteru Calendar: "Man, Know Thyself" - Ur Aua Am Tehuti Khamau

Wak then made those hidden children into animals and demons. It is also in this region that the glimmerings of history reveal the origin of societies and the primitive home of civilizations…the Ethiopians boasted of having been the first to establish worship of the divinity and the us of sacrifices. There, too, the torch of science and the arts was probably first lighted. To this people we must attribute the origin of sculpture, the se of written symbols, in short, the start of all e development that make up an advanced civilization.

Newsletter May 2012

Another Egyptian Creation Myth:. At first there was only Nun, the primal ocean of chaos that contained the beginnings of everything to come.

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From these waters came Ra who, by himself, gave birth to Shu and Tefnut. Shu, the god of air, and Tefnut, the goddess of moisture gave birth to Geb and Nut, the earth god and the sky goddess. And so the physical universe was created. Men were created from Ra's tears. They proved to be ungrateful so Ra, and a council of gods, decided they should be destroyed. Hathor was dispatched to do the job. She was very efficient and slaughtered all but a remnant, when Ra relented and called her off.

Thus was the present world created. Against Ra's orders, Geb and Nut married. Ra was incensed and ordered Shu to separate them, which he did. But Nut was already pregnant, although unable to give birth as Ra had decreed she could not give birth in any month of any year. Thoth, the god of learning, decided to help her and gambling with the moon for extra light, was able to add five extra days to the day calendar. Osiris became the symbol of good, while Set became the symbol of evil. And thus the two poles of morality were fixed once and for all. The eminent historian, John G. Jackson cites the discovery of a clay tablet written in the Sumerian language, dating from between and B.

The key to analyzing and comparing these examples to the Genesis account is not getting caught up in the unfamiliar sounding names or imagery, but focusing on the concepts and principles being conveyed. Only then can we detect any similarities. If we are constrained by pre-set biases, these similarities will entirely escape our analysis. But, what are myths? And, are they completely devoid of factual reality or basis? Myths are dramatic stories that form a sacred charter either authorizing the continuance of ancient institutions, customs, rites and beliefs in the area where they are current, or approving alterations.

Avoiding and resolving conflicts is one of the chief functions of Tehuti, the faculty of wisdom. It is the total antithesis of the intellect.

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In other words, for wisdom to manifest itself, we must shut down our intellectual and imaginative thought processes, in order to receive the intuition from God, dwelling within. In this state where there are no thoughts, consciousness enters into the same state of Hetep Nirvana as described by the ogdoad. There are, therefore, no thoughts as in the syllogistic logical process that we can follow. All that can be given are instructions leading to the shutting down of the thought processes making the mind blank, Satori which is the requirement for the functioning of the wisdom faculty.

It operates by suppressing the formation of thought processes by cutting the mind off from the senses. This ties in with Kamitic spiritual science.

In other words, to shut the mind down, it must be cut off from its ports the senses to the outside world. This is of course, a brief account of the process. Seker the 3rd sphere of the Tree of Life is the divine faculty that is in charge of the life-force Ra , which is the formative base of all things in the world.

Although the source of life is infinite, each entity is allowed to share in its infinity through a series of cycles of births. Each entity is thus allotted a finite portion of this life-force at a time, for its adventure in the world. This recycling principle governs the cycles of birth, growth, decay, death, rebirth and so on. The life-force behaves in this manner in conformity with the divine intention of guiding man to the realization of his divinity. Would most people bother to develop themselves, and exert themselves if they were to be born with full functionality as many reptiles and lower creatures are , external youth and indestructibility?

We are thus spurred on to exert ourselves in our youth to provide for the days that will surely come when we will be incapable of doing so, and of course by the ultimate, which is death. Thus we achieve an infinitude of experiences through an infinite chain of finite existences. Khepere or Aima brings all things into manifestation through the 50 sound units of power residing in the 3rd sphere. These sound units, which are the basis of all hekau, are metaphorized as the eggs of the beetle symbolizing Khepere, the 50 gates of Binah, the 50 skulls strung as the necklace of Kali the Indus Kush Seker , the 50 oarsmen propelling the boat of Ausar, and they are analogous to the , or so eggs that every woman is born with.

At this level, these spiritual powers do not manifest the things of which they are the germs, but the underlying structure divine plan that provides the order governing the harmonious interaction of the forces shaping the formation of things, and their interaction. These structures appoint the places in space and time ordering all manifestations. As such, her name is Sekert. The male side of the Deity rules over the death process.

Seker was the Deity of the necropolis at Sakkara. During life, its activities are felt as the pangs of conscience, guilt, self recriminations, etc. These are warnings that we are on the path to a failed destiny. This is to be expected as Seker governs our destiny.

No two things can occupy the same place at the same time. Divine law, therefore, guarantees all things their day in the sun. Our coming into being, and the unfolding of all events in our life are controlled by the spiritual forces Ptah at the Seker level for the sake of maintaining order in the world. It is amazing to see how people are aware of the confusion and disorder that follow from the lack of planning and structure yet fail to realize that the same would happen in nature and in the world, if the Supreme Being had not laid a plan to guide the lives of men and nations.

As above, So below! When we die or transcend the way of life in which earthly pleasure and personal interests are the motivating factors of our actions and undertakings, we come under the governorship of the Deity Seker. In either case, we have died to the earth-physically or spiritually. The doctrines of Seker, represent then, the teachings that kill. We must remember that this does not mean a joyless life. Quite the contrary, it is one, as we will later see, that leads to greater ecstasy.

Ancient Egypt\Kemet, Zodiac - How It Is Controlled From Above

When we keep in mind that the spirit is essentially unconditioned, it will be realized that our spirit is ever receptive to be reprogrammed to express joy and pleasure in response to any situation or stimulus. We can therefore transcend a way of life in which our will is lead by what gives us pleasure, and change over to a way in which pleasure follows our will to live new truths.

Allied with the idea of dying to the things of the world is the host of symbols used to explain the domain of the Deity. It is full of thick darkness, its floor is covered with sand, and it is lacking in water hence, barren. The truths that we must live at this sphere of the Tree of Life corresponds to the cycles governing natural phenomena. These were discussed in previous chapters. The point to note here is that the times for eating, exercising, having sex, performing certain types of work, meditating must not be dictated by our feelings, cravings, social or economic factors, but by the cyclical mechanisms governing nature.

The discipline of adhering to the cycles governing life that this sphere imposes upon us is for the sake of enabling us to succeed in the use of words of power, as their manifestations are ordered by the law of cycles in order to keep them from conflicting with each other. All hekau plural of heka are based on 50 single sounds units which are symbolized in the Phoenicial Kabalistical system as the 50 gates of Binah, or the Goddess Ama through which all things in the world come into being, and are recycled. As mistress of the words of power, and mother of all living things, she is depicted traveling in the boat of the star Sepdt Sirius , which is propelled by 50 oarsmen.

In fact, this is the true title for the Kamitic king of kings. The term found its way into the Arabic where we find that the great royal leaders are called Sheik. In India the kundalini yogis are called shakta, and their counterpart further up north are called shamans. We see the same in the Hindu rendition of many Dravidian words.

Metu Neter Tree of Life

For example, Shakti and shakta are also rendered sakti and sakta. The connection of measurement with Truth is one of the most profound achievements of the African mind. When something, one side of an equation is known, it is because we have an objective standard, the other side of the equation, against which to measure it. The construction of all things and the unfolding of all events are based on universal patterns underlying the activities of all natural forces.

While some of the patterns underlying physical phenomena have been discovered and codified by Western scientists E. In other words, the quality of life, the destiny of men and nations are ruled by forces that are as measurable and subject to codification into immutable laws as are the factors governing physical and chemical phenomena. In the esoteric tradition, the branch of study governing these laws is Cosmology. In the Kamitic tradition, a person cannot claim that he is living truth if he has not been consistent in the observance of the spiritual laws at each and every crossroad situation.

We have seen that the basis of Truth is living by a standard imposed by our essential divine nature. This leads unavoidably to the question of where does man find the strength to rise to a moral standard of which God is the standard of measure. In the Kamitic tradition the answer has been concealed in their metaphoric so-called mythologic mode of communicating spiritual scientific information. Maat is the daughter of Ra, we are told.

But its meaning has been clouded by the popular belief that Ra represents the Sun, or the Sun God. An abundance of life force, which is required through proper diet, adequate exercise and the avoidance of sensual excesses, is required for developing the strength to live truth. The implications of this fact are that as long as people are kept ignorant of how to cultivate their life force, and worse, kept indulging in a lifestyle characterized by wrong diet, sexual excesses, etc. Society must then be doomed to ever deepening decadence.

Maat is generally depicted as a woman holding the Ankh cross, symbol of the heka Aung, in one hand and the Papyrus scepter, representing the book of the law, in the other. In one pan of the scale is placed the heart and in the other, the feather, which symbolizes the lightness of truth, that is the absence of emotional force that characterizes the action of truth. That it is to be used to kindle the fire of Ra, is a hint regarding the life force kundalini arousing power of living truth. This is the key of the supreme mantra caitanya mantra awakening secret that has eluded many yogis for millenniums.

Herukhuti, also called Heru-Behutet, is the divine principle that safeguards our existence from the injustices of others. It works sternly through the law that states that you reap what you sow. Be consistent in being just with others, and you will be spiritually protected by this divine power. Its aggressive power is also the foundation of the temperament of natural athletes, warriors, business executives, and so on.

The Tree of Life | Wisdom | Astrology | Tree of life, Venus, Mars

The Primordial Deep. Ra's [Re's] "Soul Egg" arises. The Elder Gods. Isis and the Serpent. Plot to rival Ra. How his Magic Name was obtained. An Avenging Goddess. The Deluge. Worshippers are spared. Origin of Sacrifice. Ra ascends to Heaven. Earth God's Reptile Brood. Thoth the Deputy. The Sun God's Night journey. Perils of the Underworld.

Rebirth of Sun at Dawn. AT the beginning the world was a waste of water called Nu.