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It can be as though they are providing a constant news report of their thoughts. Tactful, diplomatic and attractive, Venus in the first house lends a subtle, gentle and pleasing quality to personality and to the chart holder's view of the world. Venus wants to be attractive. It is always the ultimate goal of the planet. In the first house of self expression, Venus makes physical beauty an important facet of the person's life. This person is well dressed and groomed.

Venus in the first house will soften a person's appearance to the world and likewise, soften the person's view of the world.

Mars in the first house lends a straightforward and direct quality to a person's personality. Headstrong and willful, these people know how to get what they want and they aren't afraid to ask for it or fight for it. Because Mars represents the "will" and a person's ability to assert their will, Mars in the first house, of reaching out and interacting with the world, creates a powerful combination. Mars in the first house doesn't hold back. When it sees what it wants, it reaches out and grabs it. It says what it wants to say and makes sure it is heard. Mars in the first house sees life as a challenge to be conquered.

A positive attitude is generally felt along with a feeling of lawlessness.

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Jupiter refuses to have limits. With Jupiter in the first house, this limitlessness emanates through the personality and attitude towards life. Rules and boundaries are unacceptable to Jupiter, as the planet refuses to be held back from getting want it wants.

Jupiter in the first house is candid and forthright. These people are confident about their self-image. In the first house, Saturn brings a serious outlook on life the chart holder and on their self-image. Life is meant to be hard work and struggle is necessary for this person. Because these people expect life to be difficult, it often is. In the best of scenarios, first-house Saturn people project a mature, responsible attitude and work hard to achieve.

In the worst, they are negative and dreary with a poor self image. There is often a feeling of being trapped in the shell of their physical body without the confidence to fully embrace their self-image. Uranus brings a dry, indifference to the personality of the person with this planet falling into their first house. Feelings are intellectualized as the planet creates a barrier between the chart holder and the outside world by using reason over emotion.

First-house Uranus people are even-tempered, direct and clear in their interactions with the world.

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They are difficult to rattle or shock and not likely to let it show if they are. Care is taken to follow standard social protocol when meeting new people and they aren't shy about introductions to either new people or new situations. A blur between the chart holder and the outside world is created with Neptune in the first house. This person is likely to talk in circles and it is often difficult to find their point in a conversation. They can change topics frequently and ramble sometimes in seemingly nonsensical ways. A sensitivity to unspoken forms of communication including body language is found with a first-house Neptune.

These people want to see the world in the best light possible, which can cause a disconnect from reality. Suspicious by nature, first-house Pluto people are always on guard for the people who are looking to take advantage of them. They are careful in their interactions with people and new situations, often asking the right questions in order to gain insight into the true nature of the person or situation they are encountering.

Sun in ascendant will lead to good amount of wealth especially when Sun is associated with planet Venus. Overall Sun position can be considered as good for money matters but is not supportive of good health of spouse. Sun here also leads to health issues to native also and if the ascendant lord is afflicted then health issues are bound to happen. One more interesting result which is seen with this placement is large appetite and fondness malefic food like meat.

Here Sun is lord of the 1st house itself and when placed in own house, it leads to the following auspicious results:. Sun in the first house is a great position for Leo ascendant and gives results equivalent to Panchmahapurush Yoga. Native confidence makes him conquer any obstacles and they taste victory in all of their endeavors.

Sun in the first house also makes them dominate on others, it can also result in egoistic nature especially when Saturn is aspecting Sun in a horoscope. Sun association with planet Mars or Jupiter leads to strong Rajyoga and natives amasses wealth and position in his life.

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  7. Here, Sun rules over the 12th house and gives amazing results for foreign-related affairs. But still, Sun will remain a malefic planet for them. Sun in first house can give negative results like lack of concentration, wandering with no purpose, unnecessary expenditures, marital disharmony etc. All above results seem to be negative but Sun can give positive results if associated with planet Venus and same time lord of first house i. Here, Sun is lord of 11th house and signify financial gains, friends, networking, fathers elder brother etc Generally, Sun being lord of 11th house and placed in the first house should give positive results but here Sun will be debilitated and will not give many auspicious results unless aspected Yogakaraka Saturn or 9th lord Mercury.

    Otherwise following negative results will be felt by the native:. Sun in the first house in its debilitation may also result in Neechabhanga Rajyoga and depending upon various factors there can huge benefits from this placement of Sun. Overall Sun in the first house of Libra ascendant is not a supportive position and one should carry cautions especially in matters related to money.

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    Placement of Sun in ascendant can be considered as a good placement and will result into following:. From above-stated results, you can easily make out that Sun results have variety in them and are mixed in nature. It is because Sun is a malefic planet in nature and it leads to some behavior issues with the native. Whereas Sun association with Mercury, Saturn or Venus will create all sorts of issues in native life.

    Here planet Sun is lord of 9th house and rules over the father, luck, religion and all kind of auspicious ceremonies. As you can see all sorts of positive results are likely to happen with this placement of planet Sun. Now if Sun is associated with planets like Jupiter or Mars then above-stated results will be more pronounced and native will be wealthy and super successful.

    Same time there may be a situation where Sun is associated with the planets like Saturn, Venus or Ketu. In such case, positive results of planet Sun will likely to go less and native may face failure in his endeavors. Overall a very benefic position which can lead to grand success if supported by auspicious house lords. Here, Sun has lordship over 8th house and rules over obstacles, inlaws, longevity, chronic illness, insurance money, inheritance and produce negative results most of the time.

    The Sun in the Houses

    Sun position in ascendant of Capricorn is not likely to produce a good effect and major reason here is malefic nature of planet Sun and its placement in sign if arch enemy Saturn i. Personally, I have seen natives not doing well in their life with this kind of placement. But things get improve if ascendant lord Saturn is well placed or 1st house is aspected by Yogakaraka Venus or even by 5th lord Mercury. Still, if you have Capricorn ascendant with Sun placed in first house it is best to take care of health and try to rectify your behavior issues so that you can progress in life.

    Here Sun is lord of 7th house and will aspect its own sign which is Leo which means marriage will be happy and native is likely to have a love marriage, where the spouse will be from good status and native us likely to gain from the spouse. Sun in first house will make native very confident though ego can be a deal breaker here.

    Sun in Ascendant – Sun in First House: Vedic Astrology

    There are good chances of getting success in business with this placement of Sun and association of planets like Venus and Mercury will lead to Rajyoga for them. Planet Sun as stated in beginning is a hot planet and gives tall height but less hair on the head. This rule is fully applicable here unless 1st house and its lord are associated with Venus. Overall here Sun in first is a good placement and leads to success in both material and relations.

    First House

    Here, Sun rules over 6th house and is not favorable in the first house and can lead to following effects:. As you can see it is not looking promising but Sun in the first house is favorable for those who are into sports and politics. Same time it can also acquire you a job in the army or related field.

    Sun in first house for Pisces ascendant makes one very daring and adventure lover and they tend to take the risk in all matters of life. Planet Sun hot nature also leads to imbalances in their body and allergies can bother time to time. It can make one a good surgeon if another relevant planetary combination exists in the Horoscope. Overall not so good placement and can lead to failures in life unless Sun is associated is Mars, Moon or Jupiter. Sun is considered a malefic in astrology but Sun is a Satvik planet and brings knowledge especially in the first house.